Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Making memories in 2013

Here are some of the first pictures from 2013.

Garrison go an idea and built this teepee by himself.

Elyssia designed and built her own homemade well. It's an ice cream pail that she covered with paper that she'd colored to look like bricks. The bucket is from her pet shop accessories.

Addie and her ginormous fork:).

Still amazed by how quickly Scott designed and built this shelving unit for the girls!

Garrison's wolverine guarding the toy box he made with Daddy!

Kiersten is hoping that Daddy will buy her a little FARMGIRL mug like Mommy's. A surprise gift from Scott one day to match the FARMBOY mug that I gave him for his birthday:).

There's still lots to be done whenever we look around, but with the Lord's help we're getting a lot accomplished, while still taking the time to treasure the time that we have with the kids. Making the most of these little years. Staying warm in the -37 temps on Sunday and rejoicing when it got up to -17. Standing in awe as we see the Lord providing over and above all that we ask and think. Thanking Him for ALWAYS being with us!

Please pray for our friend, Marie. She's in the hospital with pneumonia and just recently got over a sinus infection so bad that it went into her eye. Winter's can be very hard around here, but please pray that we can be an encouragement to those who struggle during the winter months. An early spring would be wonderful, but whatever the Lord has planned for us, we want to be thankful anyway.

In other news, we've had 2 more friends deliver their little "girls" safely recently. They're both adorable and receiving lots of love:).


  1. Wow that shelving unit in the girls' room is awesome! Will you paint it?

  2. No, we really like the look of natural wood.