Saturday, January 19, 2013


For those who were wondering where my blog went last week. Well, I took a little vacation from the blogging world. Our life was very busy and there was a lot to be planned out and taken care of. The blog needs a bit of a change too, so it might change a couple times before I settle on "the look" for this year:). I'll be "exercising the blog" as my father in law would say when he sees that I've been moving the furniture:).

This week was full of changes. We got a lot accomplished in a very short of time, for which we're very thankful. It was good to just sit down and talk through the logistics of getting animals and starting the barn building process. Deciding on our monthly budget, which unlike some people, I actually really enjoy. I like to see just what we have to work with, as the Lord provides, and staying within that budget is also a challenge that I enjoy. Call me strange, but saving and working together towards a goal that strengthens us as a family is far more rewarding than the feeling I get after I've made an impulsive purchase.

Anyway, on to other more interesting happenings. I'm behind on taking pictures of the projects that Scott built this week. The first was a large shelving unit in the girl's room. It's SO nice to have the designated areas to put each girl's things. It's nice to have them cleared off the floor or from the space under the bed. Elyssia is thankful that she now has a place to safely store her LEGO girls-Sparing them from Addie-Godzilla Baby! Addie loves to go in the room, climb up on the bed, find a LEGO friend girl and take her hair. She then proceeds to pop it in her mouth with a gleeful giggle. After that she usually comes to me and spits it out in my hand. She give such wonderful gifts:).

I was supposed to head to Saskatoon with a friend at the beginning of the week, but weather kept us home. I tried to make the most of the day, rather than focusing on being disappointed. We shovelled snow, built a snowman, baked cookies and just enjoyed being together. Lots of memories to treasure for the future.

Our friend, "T" could also use a lot of prayer right now. The main custody hearing is set for next month and it looks like Scott and I will be headed to Nova Scotia to testify on her behalf. We pray that "T" gets full custody after this and want to give God ALL the glory for seeing us through one step at a time. I'll admit that I'm having a hard time when I think about being away from some of our kids for a couple days, but we know that this is the right thing to do and that they'll be in good hands while we're away.

We were blessed to attend a Birthday Supper for a good friend tonight. We had an awesome time and the fellowship was amazing. When we leave things like this we always wonder why we don't do it more often. Why we let ourselves get so busy and let so much time go by. Well, we will definitely remember this get together for a long time and the kids will too. They had a great time and made some new friends. There were 17 kids that were 9 and under in attendance and other than a couple issues, they played together really well and found it hard to leave at the end of the night. Thank you Lord for special times with friends! May you watch over each of us in the days, weeks and month ahead. May we ever draw closer to Thee and do what you have for us to do. Knowing that with YOU, nothing is impossible.

Looking forward to a wonderful day in the Lord's House tomorrow:).

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  1. Really good to read this and to catch up with the goings on of my Holloway family in Saskatchewan. I will be remembering you and Scott in prayer as you travel, and that God will guide and direct in the hearing.

    One question: You're going to have a hard time being away from SOME of your kids?! Which ones?! You made my Monday morning smile - thank you! And God speed! xo