Thursday, October 18, 2012

Truck Owners

I really should have posted about this earlier, but it's been a really busy time since Thanksgiving.

Scott's been needing a farm truck for quite awhile now. It's been on the list, but not at the top and kept getting put aside. A couple weeks ago I was driving down the street by the church and noticed a truck for sale. Older, but still fairly decent. I wrote down the number and Scott ended up recognizing it when I gave it to him. A former co-worker:). Soooo, last Saturday we became truck owners again. Scott had a nice one when we got married, but ended up selling it around the time we had Elyssia. The kids LOVE riding in the fields with Daddy!

Sam's not so sure. Scott lifted him into the back of the truck, but he jumped back out before we started driving. The foolish dog even tried biting the tires when Scott was driving slowly in the field!

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