Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little House On The Ferry?

Okay, so I have to laugh every time I hear this now. Kiersten really likes Little House on the Ferry:). She talks about how naughty Nellie Olsen is and how she shouldn't be mean to Laura. Most of you know the correct name of the show ends in Prairie, but I love my 3 year old's version of it:).

Now that things have quieted down, here are some pics of the munchkins-bathed, enjoying popcorn,snuggling together and watching an episode of "Little House On the Ferry."

Looking forward to a wonderful Weekend!


  1. I trust your weekend was everything you had hoped for! Little House on the Ferry is one of my favourite series. Do you have the books themselves?

  2. Yes, we have the Little House on the Prairie books:). I read them to Elyssia the first time and now she's reading them for herself.