Thursday, October 4, 2012

Proud of My Big Brother!

Jason Prisk: On Location With America's Finest: This week we are in production on several promotional pieces for a new tool coming soon from  Leatherman . We have had a "blast" shoot...

Just one of the many things my oldest brother has been up to lately.  Sometimes I'm amazed that we're related:).  The Lord has certainly blessed him with many talents and he's using them to help others in so many ways.
  Just wanted to take a moment to say how thankful I am for my brother(s).  They watched over me growing up and tried to include me in much of what they did, even when I was a pest.  Yes, I was one of those pesky little sisters.  When I wasn't reading or spending time with Dad I was usually following one of them around, wanting to do whatever they were.

  They have to wait until next month to be thankful, but I get two months to think of things I'm thankful for-due to my dual citizen status:).  Actually I'm pretty sure God wants to see a thankful spirit each and every day that He gives us, but we do tend to focus more on it at this time of year.

                                       Thanking the Lord for Brothers Today!


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