Thursday, December 15, 2016

Looking forward to Christmas?

This year has been an interesting one. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of blessings! Lots of mixed emotions with trying to witness to those around us. We get just a small taste of what Jesus did when people rejected Him and wanted to have nothing to do with Him. Sadly, those same people are ones who go all out to celebrate Christmas. Many changing it to X-mas or Happy Holidays, lest anyone think they actually believe Jesus exists. So many have forgotten the reason that we have a celebration this time of year. It would be rude if we had a Birthday celebration for one of our friends and gave presents to everyone else that came, but then had nothing for the "birthday friend". This is exactly what happens to Jesus year after year. He isn't even invited to his birthday celebrations! May we, as Christians, never forget the REASON for the SEASON! May we always remember Jesus and share Him with others. Not just at Christmas though! All year long:). Praying all our friends, family and neighbours have a wonderful Christmas!

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