Saturday, April 30, 2016

Look who's 6 weeks already!

Lillian is just over 10 lbs and about 22 inches long. This is just slightly over Samuel's weight and length when he was born!

She continues to bring joy to everyone around her. I've had the opportunity to introduce her to most of our neighbours and the ladies at the Legion. They've all enjoyed holding her and trying to get her to smile. It's more challenging than it was with Sam. He was just a naturally smiley guy:). However, it's well worth the effort, when Lillian does share a smile. It's priceless, although I'll admit that I'm quite biased:). She's a good sleeper and usually just cries when she's hungry or has a tummy ache. She's easy going when it comes to letting her siblings hold her and kiss her. She has a strong grip and always seems to be moving her arms and legs when she isn't sleeping. She seems to enjoy tummy time and looking at picture books. She's already making little cooing noises, which are also super cute:).

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