Saturday, April 30, 2016

Latest Kitchen Adventures...

Pictured above are meat and cheese braids and homemade drumstick ice cream treats!

One of our freezers stopped working properly, which meant we had quite a bit of cherries, pumpkin, frozen bananas, raspberries, etc to use up in about a week. We made 2 batches of raspberry jam, cherry cheesecake brownies, cherry crumble coffee cake, cherry lemonade, Raspberry N'ice Cream(uses frozen bananas instead of cream), chocolate chip pumpkin cake, etc... It's times like these that I can be thankful for growing children. They can eat these things and burn off all the calories:).

Kiersten is good at coming up with interesting ideas and is always a willing taste tester:). Someday she might even take over the majority of the family baking. I don't think I'd want her to do all of it though because it is something that I really enjoy doing too.

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