Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vehicles, in-laws, knee trouble, etc...

The past week feels like a month all rolled into one. The unusual actually started last week. Scott was helping a friend with house renos, but had to cancel on the second day because his car stalled and was acting strange. He had it towed into town, but couldn't get it looked at til this Monday.

Sunday we had temperatures of -40C and that wasn't including the wind chill, which we hear brought it down to about -50. We still managed to get to church and enjoyed the preaching and fellowship with those who were able to make it.

Monday we packed up the van and headed in to spend the day at the church. Scott had some work and was hoping to pick up his car later that day. We didn't want to be at home if my contractions continued, so we planned to make a day of it and possibly spend the night there. It ended up being one of the longest days/nights I've ever experienced. I did have contractions about every 15 - 25 minutes, but they never got any closer. Scott's car ended up not being fixed that day and he ended up making sure that most of it got taken care of on Tuesday.

Tuesday the contractions continued and were around 10 minutes apart. The in-laws arrived and we really thought we'd be heading to the hospital to deliver the baby sometime before midnight. As I was saying goodnight to the in-laws my left leg gave out and I fell sideways. My in-laws thought that I had fainted! That was not the case. I was rather embarrassed, but thankful that I hadn't fallen on my stomach. I did discover when I stood up that my knee with the tendonitis was back to square one. I could barely limp to my bed. I had been walking normally for a week, so this setback was quite disappointing.

It's now Thursday night and my knee is starting to feel almost normal again. The fall and pain seems to have stopped the close contractions though, so we're really just in the waiting stages again. I was told by a friend today that there are rumors of some patients at the local hospital having H1N1 flu. I'm not sure, but have considered the possibility that the Lord is delaying the delivery to avoid us coming into contact with those patients. I'm not sure if they're in a separate area and how susceptible we'd be to catching it, were we to be in the hospital right now.

So, we get more practice with patience and look forward to seeing when the Lord will bring this little one out. We are ready with the bed set up and car seat ready to go. Bags are packed and my mother in law is here to stay for awhile. So, although the waiting is hard, we're trying to maintain a good attitude. Hopefully I will be able to announce the arrival and post a pic of the new baby soon:). Until then....

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  1. What a week! Hope your knee feels better before it's time for real labor.