Friday, January 3, 2014

Last one...

Today I had my last prenatal appt. for this pregnancy! The roads were covered with snow, but it wasn't that cold out. Yesterday was so nice that the kids played outside for awhile:). Tomorrow is supposed to bring a drop in temperatures again, so we're trying to enjoy the nicer days. The colder temps make it easier to get out of the yard, so it's probably a good thing so close to baby being born. Nothing has changed with the delivery policy, so we're just planning to hang out at the church til we're sure we're past the point that they would put me in an ambulance. The Dr. said that baby is head down, which is really just a confirmation for me. I've felt a lot more pressure, which is a good indication that we were close. I just wanted to make sure that the baby wasn't in the breech position. Other than that, things have slowed down a lot around here. Kind of makes the waiting that much longer, but trying to get a bit more rest before baby comes.

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