Monday, December 2, 2013

Making December Memories-Day 2

This morning the weather forecast was calling for bitter wind chill and blowing snow. It's our big grocery day, or so we thought... I got all the groceries and when I got to checkout they said that they hadn't received the sale coupons. I wasn't about to take it all back and put it away, so I just prayed that it wouldn't be too much over budget. It ended up being okay and it was a blessing to have the big grocery day complete. The weather was a bit icy, but it really never got as bad as they were predicting. We were home by lunch and had all the groceries put away fairly fast, since all the kids were helping. Laundry day is a bit delayed, but there are several loads complete, which is a blessing!

We tried to have a bit of a nap time, but only Kiersten fell asleep. I got up and felt in the mood to do some Christmas baking. We now have a double batch of Choc Crinkles, A double batch of sugar cookies, Pumpkin spice muffins and bread, and some Christmas roll wreaths that should be ready to go into the freezer tonight. They are a big part of our gift giving to those around us, so I'm thankful to be ahead of schedule for now. I think my mom used to start her baking in November, but we had a lot more neighbors and people at church to give plates to. There were lots of get togethers at our house and there never seemed to be a shortage of delicious desserts. I make some of the same recipes as my mom, but have also added quite a few new ones over the years. I really wasn't sure that I was feeling up to it this year, but the Lord gave me the desire and the energy, so I didn't want to waste it:).

Only one spelling test left to give Garrison tonight, then our school day comes to an end. It's such a blessing to have the flexibility that homeschooling gives on busy days like today. The kids experimented in cutting paper for snowflakes too, which was extracurricular art:))). I'll admit that we need a new selection of Christmas music put into the cd player. The kids have been playing the same one over and over and I'm thinking I'll make the switch after they go to bed tonight. I have some nice instrumental ones and then one of my brothers quartet that they put out at Christmas. I just need to locate them...

The kids had a lot of fun helping Scott to make a gift that we're mailing out pretty soon. They're learning more about carpentry with each passing year and it's neat to see their excitement(until it's time to sand-none of them seem to enjoy that). Several of the kids have a very hard time keeping things a surprise, so it's probably a good thing that the family is coming closer to Christmas Eve. Less chance of them spilling the beans before then.

An unexpected blessing is discovering that our 2nd son actually has a gift for remembering where things are. I have 4 who seem to lose everything or can't see things I send them for. This son, however, is quick to run out of the room and return with the item I'm needing! Hopefully more of them will improve in this area as they get older.

That about wraps things up for Day 2. I think the kids had a lot of fun helping with the cookies and I know they're looking forward to eating them later on. Hopefully I can keep Scott from eating them all straight from the freezer...

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