Thursday, December 12, 2013

Addie's Vocabulary

Is finally growing! She will try to say whatever we do, but there are some pretty funny ones that she's picked up from her siblings. When something unexpected happens she says, "awww man!". She loves fruit-nanas, apps, owanges, etc... It's hard to keep any in the house once she finds out they're on the counter. She will point at pictures in a book and say, "appy!". Yes, anyone that is smiling must be happy:). She can say eyes, nose, ears, mouth, chin, knee, and my favorite, "eBow" She had her elbow and wrist confused for a little while, but it's super cute to listen to her figure out this talking thing. She can identify animals and sounds and loves to play with the ones we have. She asks daily for "snow" and loves to eat it. She has favorite songs during family devotions and loves to go "boom" like Goliath and fall down. She usually does it halfway through the song, but it really does speed things up:) She's indicating that she's ready to potty train because she will take off her own diaper and sit on the toilet or say stinky and pull at her diaper. She really doesn't have the timing of it down though, so we're not rushing her. We take her when she wants to go and we'll see how it goes once the baby is born. I didn't want to put all the effort into it only to have her go backwards once the baby was born and have to start all over. She loves books and can identify most things when asked. I understand the biblical advice of not comparing ourselves because she did take longer than a couple siblings, but we're enjoying her version of the English language as the Lord gives her the ability to use it:).

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