Sunday, March 17, 2013

Snow Day!

Well, one can truly say that life is never boring out here in Saskatchewan. We had a great time with Kirk and Darlene this weekend. They drove out to celebrate Caleb's 5th Birthday a bit early and just spend some time hanging out with the kids. Garrison got the sniffles on Thursday, but managed to enjoy most of the time anyway, while kindly sharing his germs with all those around him. If only it was that easy to get them to share the rest of the things in their lives;).

It was very cold while they were here, but we kept the house warm cooking a turkey, which we believe must have been mislabled weight-wise. It took 2 hours longer to cook than it should have. Worth the wait though and the kids thought it was kind of fun to eat the meal in courses and actually have the cake and ice cream before the turkey! I'd gotten some games at the Salvation Army when they had their 50% off sale and we played Tic Tac Toe, War and Chinese Checkers. The boys had fun building the new Lego set that Caleb got for his Birthday and there were LOTS of books read, as usual.

This morning we got ready to head to church, only to discover that the roads were "not recommended for travel". We called around to let people know that we wouldn't be making it to town and did our best to have a wonderful morning worshiping and resting as a family. We started reading through a book called, "Little Pilgrim's Progress". The kids are really getting into it and I think that we're pretty close to chapter 10 already. It's neat to see how much the kids understand the story before Scott stops to explain it.

Scott and Kirk had quite a bit of shoveling to do before Kirk and Darlene could head back home today. Thankfully we received a call a couple hours ago to let us know that they'd made it to the outskirts of the city. Praying they have a wonderful flight to visit her family next weekend!

Tonight was fairly relaxing, although Addie has been super fussy. She's got a runny nose and wants to be held as much as possible. We had leftovers for supper and had devotions as a family after listening to Lamplighter Theatre's "The White Gypsy". Makes me cry at the end every time! Must be a mom thing:).

Happy Sunday!

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