Monday, March 11, 2013

Blessings and Prayers

The past month or so has been full of this post's title.

We've had the blessings of making new friends, enjoying a family trip to Saskatoon, seeing a friend improve after a spinal cord surgery, then praying as a couple friends lost their dear ones.

Rejoiced with warm weather and prayed for God to help us get through the blizzarding weather.

Blessings of talking to family and friends and prayers for those who can't be with theirs for one reason or another.

Blessings of good health and prayers that we'd get over sickness.

We've been blessed to live here in Saskatchewan for 4 years now. God has gone above and beyond in meeting our needs and seeing us through some of the more challenging times.

The Blessings of Children and the prayers that go up every day for the Lord's help to be patient and raise them for his honor and glory.

The Blessing of Homeschooling and prayers for a family in the U.S. that are being told that they'll have to go back to Germany, where it's illegal, and they will most likely have their kids taken away by the government. Praying extra hard for this family and hoping that there are other ways that we can help them.

The Blessing of a wonderful husband and best friend and prayers for those who've lost theirs or are separated as they go off to protect their country.

The Blessing of freedom to worship the Lord and prayer that the Lord would help me not to take it for granted and to take advantage of it as much as possible while we have it.

The Blessing of our acreage and house. It truly is a shelter in the time of storm that the Lord has blessed us with.

The Blessing of family devotions where we're free to read God's word and pray with our children. To hear the children asking questions about what's being read and giving input on what it might mean.

The Blessing of a Merry Heart, especially when your 3 year old whispers to you that she'd really like to have a baby zebra, right before she goes to sleep:).

The Blessing of plenty to eat and prayers for those that don't have enough.

The Blessing of work and prayers through the times that there isn't any work. Enjoying each extra day that the Lord gives us with Scott at home:).

I'll admit that I've been a bit down at times lately. It's truly been a long winter, but God has been good. He keeps reminding me of all the blessings that I have and of how short life really is. I just want to spend as much time with the kids as possible. Treasuring each day, just in case... When I start to feel like complaining there are so many families and the hardships that they face that come to mind and I just have to thank the Lord and start praying for others. I'll admit that it takes me longer to get through sometimes, but I'm thankful that God is patient with me. He is the example that I need in order to be a better wife, mother and friend.

We have so much to look forward to, but we should also be enjoying each moment of the day that we're in. There are challenging times as parents, but I'm learning to still do my best to enjoy each day, rather than wishing that we were past this "stage" already. Life is but a vapor...

Happy Monday!

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