Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still alive...

Yes, I'm still alive:). Our mornings have been starting earlier and earlier this week, but we're getting through with the Lord's help. This morning most of us were awake at 5:30. I guess the kids must've thought I needed extra time to get ready for church;).

I think Thursday was our longest night. Kiersten had a bad reaction to the vaccination shot she had. She had a fever, aches and vomiting. Thankfully she was back to her normal self on Friday.

Our school schedule has kept us fairly busy, which definitely helps to make the time go faster. We've been decluttering and reorganizing the rooms and making lots of meals for the freezer. It helps me to feel more prepared as we head into the colder weather and also allows more time for school activities and assigments.

Yesterday was really nice. The weather was great and the kids had a great time washing the van. Half of the van anyway:). We got distracted when Scott skyped us and never got around to finishing the other half. Good thing the clean half was facing the street when we parked at church today:))).

Thankfully it hasn't gotten down to freezing yet. I've been praying that it will hold off until Scott gets back. It's mostly the stuff in his greenhouse that I'm concerned about. The potatoes will be fine and we're pretty much done with the corn.

Church went quite well today. The kids were mostly good and Garrison did his "ushering" without any trouble. It was nice to have a bit of fellowship with friends and also The Crossmans(He came to preach while Scott was away). It's a bit colder today, but still nice and sunny.

You've probably noticed a lack of pictures lately. The camera flash wasn't working, so my pictures haven't been very good. I charged the batteries and I think it might be working again. I'll try to get some new ones up in the next couple days.

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