Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Safe in Scotland

This afternoon we enjoyed the wonderful technology that Skype offers. Scott arrived in Scotland safely and chatted with us before heading to bed. The kids were so excited that I basically gave up actually trying to talk to him and just let them take over. Adelaide spotted him, held out her hand and gave him big smiles. She got really upset when I tried to put her down. This is the first time that Scott has gone anywhere overnight since she was born. Overall the kids are doing really well. There's so much that they want to tell him in the evening though, so I can see it being a challenge to really have any kind of conversation with him when they're in the room.

It was different saying goodbye to Scott yesterday. We haven't been away from each other for this length of time in several years. I didn't think I would cry, but sure enough, the wet stuff starting leaking out of my eyes. I was very excited for him to have this opportunity, but it was like a sadness struck me all of a sudden and I couldn't hold it back. It didn't help that Elyssia was crying. Garrison did his best to be supportive. He stood there with a worried look on his face and seemed to be wondering how he could help. Poor guy. Guess he's gonna have to get used to it with all the females in this house and the possibility of more in his future when he's married:). He's been very helpful and taking his role of "man of the house" quite seriously.

Yesterday we worked on some puzzles that I found secondhand. Then we tried to go for a walk. We made it to the edge of the property, but it was quite windy and we didn't try to go any farther. The wind was still blowing strong today, so we mostly stayed inside. I worked away on making a bunch of meals for the freezer. Trying to stock up for the unexpected busy times or potlucks at church. We've got some really full freezers now. I can hardly wait to get our dehydrator so that I can start drying some of our extra fruit supply.

We also had a nice surprise tonight. Garrison was emptying the compost bucket and saw Pepper. Pepper is the farm cat that ran away after two days here. We thought he was long gone, but now we know different. I haven't seen much mouse activity and I haven't had any in our traps the last week or so, so maybe he's doing some work around here.

A bit of Humor: Last night Elyssia laughed because a little girl said she didn't know the meaning of the word "swindler". Elyssia commented, "It's someone that swims in the water!" I had to laugh when she said that. Funny how our ears hear things sometimes.

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  1. Scotland? What did I miss?! How long is he gone? Praying that you will all be safe and happy and not missing him too much - from first-hand experience of this sort of thing, I believe it's hardest for the Mommy than anyone!!