Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Too bad...

I didn't bring the camera last night. It would have been a great night to take pictures. We had our second Ladies Bible Study that included a supper, cookie exchange, cookies and some presents from Secret Prayer Sisters. This year we included 5 little girls. I think it made them quite happy:). After Elyssia's friends left we had the devotion and games. This morning Elyssia said she understood now why it was just for the grown ups. Guess she wasn't impressed with the devotion:). That's okay. Adelaide was held by most of the "grandma's" in the group and one that wouldn't mind being a grandma in a couple years:).

It was a busy day from the start, but that was mostly my doing. We had homeschool, as usual, but then I added in house cleaning and kitchen decluttering and reorganization. REALLY HAPPY with how it turned out, but I probably didn't pick the best day for it. I really do think that I have an OCD about housecleaning and organization. It's like my brain doesn't want to stop thinking about it until I've gotten it done. Caleb really seems to enjoy helping me. Maybe I've passed some of it on to him...

We ended up the day at Extra Foods. We were completely out of milk at home and there was a really good sale on diapers. Adelaide slept through the grocery run, but then she was wide awake until 11. We both slept like Rip Van Winkle until morning:). I think there were a few interruptions in the night, but I didn't havr trouble getting back to sleep. I guess we're getting prepared to stay up late during Christmas week. Playing games with the family:).

This morning we started baking one of our last batches of cookies. These are the ones to give away. As I was typing that I remembered that we'll be making a couple more for the Christmas Eve fellowship at church. Elyssia asked who they were for and one of the groups was the Firemen. She then asked what they did during the winter, assuming there weren't fires when it's so cold. I told her that there are still house fires, etc.... Next thing I knew I heard her helping her brothers to pack "Emergency Packs". "Just in case our house burns down," she said. I hope this doesn't start a trend of living in fear that our house will burn down. It's really not something we worry about.

Well, that leaves a couple days of taking care of a missionary, a hair appt, cookie deliveries and the Christmas Eve service. After that I'm looking forward to the slower pace of Christmas week:). Not that life is ever very slow with children in the house, but I think y'all know what I mean:).

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! I'm off to put some little ones down for naps...

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