Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Fun...

and a baby photo shoot.

Miniature Tree

Ready to go Grocery Shopping. It was -17 out!

Enjoying the taste test.

Store bought gingerbread house.

Some days I feel like I work at a bakery! This was the first of several batches.

Another view of the house.

3 Awesome decorators.

Addie fits in Elyssia's doll cradle!

Our living "baby doll".

Going for a ride in the doll stroller:).

Relaxing on Great Grandma Neilson's quilt.(The fabric was first used for Great Grandpa's suits and some of the girls dresses:).

The younger two trying to steal her.

Getting tired...

Last one...

Trying to make sure that I take lots of pictures while Addie is small. The past two and a half weeks have gone by quickly, but we're making sure that we snuggle her as much as possible. Enjoying the newborn stage, that seems to pass so quickly.

Hope everyone is enjoying this special month with their family!

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