Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poor Shorty...

So, here is the post I promised about the haircuts.  Grandad told Caleb the other day that he figured the reason he was so short was that his hair was too long and heavy:).  Garrison told me a couple days later that I hadn't taken them to a barber in ages!  I guess that would be correct since the only time a barber cut his hair was when he was about 20 months old and I had a coupon for a free haircut.  I took those comments as not so subtle hints that it was time to cut some hair.  The day before my trip to the hospital I used the new clippers Scott bought for me.  You'll see why I chose "Poor Shorty" for the post title;).

Before shot, looked okay when wet and combed:)

Nothing holding back a growth spurt...

Elyssia doesn't think he looks like Caleb anymore.  Hence, he's now called Poor Shorty.

The big guy just had some long around the neck and ears.

That's better.

Daddy said we could!

I wonder if it tastes good?

Good thing the hair grows quickly and the paint was washable.  If it wasn't, it would make for interesting conversation at church;).  Til next time...

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