Sunday, November 20, 2016

I'm Back!!!

Not sure anyone still reads our blog anymore... I haven't had a great deal of time to write lately, due to the busyness of life around Hidden Hollows, but I'll start posting again anyway. It's always nice to have the memories about Hidden Hollows for us to look back on when the kids are grown. It was actually one way that we were able to find many of our favorite pictures when our computer crashed a couple years ago without being backed up. We've learned our lesson and have an external memory to save things too every so often.


Happy November!!! It's already the 20th and we've finished yet another round of birthdays for the year.


Kiersten turned 7 on the second day of our family vacation to the United States. We enjoyed a special treat at Jack in The Box. Real Oreo Milkshakes. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back and get another one:). She had already made a special Butterfly shaped cake that she decorated about a week before her actual birthday, plus another one that I made for her.


Elyssia turned 12 a couple days after we got home from vacation. I am SO thankful for this amazing girl! I really don't know what I'd do without her. She is quickly changing into a young lady.


Garrison turned 10! When we were on vacation he asked if he could get a Bible for his birthday instead of the gun he had been waiting two years for! We agreed, but also decided that we'd still help with part of his BB gun purchase:). He also requested a Pioneer Woman Ice Cream Cake for his Birthday. We ALL enjoyed helping him eat the finished product.


Adelaide turned 5!
She was telling people everywhere we went that she was 4 and that she would be 5 soon. It was hard for her to wait for her Birthday, but she made it:). She wanted a "purple cake". I made a Southern Pecan cake.

Throughout the Birthday Season we were busy ripping out carpet and building bunkbeds! We are all taking a breather now that they are all complete.

These are pictures of the boys bunks. I will post pics of the girls bunkbeds later, as well as other room renos.

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