Saturday, October 24, 2015

Animal Updates...

Well, not so long ago we had a few chickens escape. It has been quite awhile since our last escapade and Jade, our dog, tried to help with the roundup. 3 of the chickens were hurt in the process, but thankfully they all seem to have recovered quite well. While they were in the chicken hospital, the kids decided they needed names. One became Henrietta, the 2nd-Little Red Hen and Kiersten, with her amazing imagination chose to name hers, Hurt, cause she was hurt really bad:). The chickens are actually doing really well! They started laying earlier than expected and we get an average of 25 eggs a day. There are some days where the kids must miss seeing some in the roosts, because they have brought in over 40 at a time, which is too many for 28 chickens to lay in one day! We enjoy sharing them with friends and neighbors and have been using them in our recent baking. Looking forward to making vanilla custard again sometime next week! The goats have continued to give us large amounts of milk. We have tried several new kinds of cheese, but keep coming back to the soft cheese and the mozzarella. Tonight we are going to make mozzarella sticks, which should be super yummy! It has also been a nice treat to use buttermilk in the Monday Pancakes. They are light and fluffy:).

We started trying different recipes with goat meat last week. All have been quite successful so far! The kids seem to like it and it is quite versatile. We had heard that it could be a bit tricky to work with, but it has been quite a nice tasting meat. The kids favorite was when I used it in place of our taco meat. There was quite a bit of it, but hardly any leftovers... That is turning to be the norm around here.

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