Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Where to start...

It's been so long since my last post that most people probably figure that I've given up blogging. Pretty close, but for some reason I'm not at that point yet.

First, the flu took us all out for about a week. Scott ended up with a blockage and infection that put him in the hospital for 4 days. I think they might have been the longest 4 days of his life, poor guy. Anyway, we were all quite relieved when the treatments seemed to clear the problem and they let him come home.

A couple days later Garrison was complaining of chest pains. Scott took him in and they did an x-ray, blood tests, etc... They couldn't find any reason for his pain and thankfully it went away later on that night and hasn't returned since.

All was returning to normal when I received a call from the clinic. They wanted me to come in that afternoon to see the dr. No clue what it was about, just that I needed to show up. The dr. told me that in one of my recent tests they found that I had a UTI. I didn't have the symptoms, so was quite surprised by the diagnosis. Anyway, she said the only safe way to clear it up right now was by antibiotics through an IV. I was supposed to come in each morning and evening for a treatment. Thankfully, the nurse at the hospital was happy to show Scott how to put in the medicine. I'm currently looking forward to the IV being removed on Thursday night, but mostly praying that it's done it's job in clearing up the infection.

Monday afternoon Scott went back to see the dr. because it seemed like his blockage problem was returning. They gave him something to take each morning and scheduled him for a colonoscopy next Wednesday. The dr. said he's really too young to be having these issues. We're praying this test will reveal the true issue and that they will be able to clear it easily. Amazing how quickly life can change. One day everyone is seemingly healthy and the next everyone has a different ailment. Praising the Lord for being with us all through our journey, regardless of good or bad health. He IS the friend that sticketh closer than a brother. He's really been helping the kids to step up the the plate, so to speak. They've taken over chores as needed and proved to be excellent helpers. Yes, there are times that they grumble about having to do more work, but overall they've seen that they were needed and risen to the challenge. The boys even changed some lightbulbs that they noticed had gone out, without being asked. THAT is a blessing:).

We've had some fairly nice days recently, but frost on the ground a couple mornings this week. Thankfully we were able to bring in most things from the garden and didn't lose anything. I've been enjoying the crookneck squash this week, which I get to enjoy all by myself, since Scott isn't able to eat anything with seeds and the kids don't want any.

The kids have made the transition back to school quite well. They are enjoying their work(most days) and look forward to learning new things. Samuel keeps us amused with his antics and quickly picked up calling for "teacher"! Kiersten is learning to read this year and is quite quick to pick up new sounds and concepts. I'm enjoying getting back into a routine. The kids have less time to make messes and the days seem to pass faster than ever. Bedtime seems to be here before we're ready.

So, that is my short explanation for my absence. Really, there has been so much more going on here and around the world with our friends and family. It would take hours to write it all. So, we'll go on from today and hopefully I will be able to write regular posts throughout the next couple months. They are definitely some of our busiest:).

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