Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's been over 9 years...

since I celebrated Father's Day with my Dad. I'm so incredibly thankful for the 24 that I was blessed to have with my dad. Several of my birthdays ended up on Father's Day and we had fun celebrating together. So many times I wish that I could call him and hear his "smiling" voice on the other end. He was the only one that could get away with calling me by my "nickname". There are many days that I wish he was here to see his grandkids. To hear him share God's Word with them. They would have loved his family and "Alec" stories:). The boys are just starting to go fishing and really enjoying it. He loved fishing and would have gotten great enjoyment out of seeing them trying to catch their first fish. This past year Garrison started writing "Gary" on all his school papers. It's interesting how God puts little pieces of our parents and siblings into our children. For those of us who are separated by great distances, it's a blessing to have reminders of those we love. I apologize to my brothers if there are parts of me in your children:).

An Early Happy Father's Day to my Amazing Husband, Brothers and my Father In Law!

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