Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's beginning to feel like...

Spring! Most of the snow is melting and Scott and the kids saw geese on their walk tonight! Hurray! The kids have spent a lot more time playing outside this week and Samuel escapes through any door his siblings leave open:). I've come from the back of the house, seen the open door, and heard excited giggles from the "not so little" guy! He even stops to put on a pair of his siblings boots and we're constantly laughing at the direction they're pointing. He even had one on sideways yesterday! He looks at us and starts laughing, knowing somehow that we take joy in his toddler ways.

We just about lost another dog yesterday. Jade decided to take up car chasing. She missed getting hit by an inch! She is now secured to the porch by a chain during the day and let off to guard the property at night. Perhaps she will learn at some point what it is we want her to stop doing, but for now we're not taking a chance that we'll say goodbye to another dog.

Last Saturday I took this young lady out for some one on one time:

We had lunch together, enjoyed talking about rainbow loom designs and attended the 90th birthday of a friend of our at Caleb Village.

Earlier this week I had a date with this young man:

He's been a first rate helper lately and it was nice to spend some one on one time with him. We fixed hot cocoa, started reading a book of his choosing together after the others went to bed, chatted about things that he enjoys and watched a short show together. He's becoming quite a young gentleman:).

Tonight it was Caleb's turn!

We went to the Eatonia library and picked out books for each of us to enjoy. He was a great helper and carried the bags out to the vehicle. One of the ladies at the library commented about how it was nice to see kids that love to read. Caleb's been working hard to earn extra spending money and wanted to buy a treat. We stopped by the country store and he was quite happy with his Kinder surprise egg. I think that's the most inexpensive date I've gone on:). It was fun catching up on what he's interested in. He's been falling asleep earlier these days after running around and working outside so much. I'm thinking we'll have a quieter day tomorrow as we read some of the library books together.

We also celebrated Johnny Appleseed day with applesauce, apple muffins and apple slab pie. We're so thankful for the variety of apples that we get to enjoy year round!

Tonight I was blessed to snuggle with Samuel and sing him to sleep.
Looking forward to my time with Kiersten on Saturday and then with Addie next week. Life has a way of getting busier with each passing day, so it's a blessing to slow down and treasure the time. We're so thankful that the Lord shared these amazing little ones with us.

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