Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sadly Neglected

Chicken pox entered our house! We think that we traced it back to it's source, but once you've got chicken pox, that's pretty irrelevant. We've done our best not to let it get us down. We had a somewhat private Canada Day celebration.

We enjoyed some friends who decided that they would like to come over anyway:).

Highlights since then:


-Reading tons of books

-Baking and copying more recipes that sounds delicious:).

-Midnight and 2am baths for itchy little people.

-Little people playing in the little pool to "beat the heat".

-Chores(LOTS of them).

-Picking up our new puppy, Jade(a good distraction).

-House cleaning, the never ending chore.

-Swatting mosquitoes

-Cutting rhubarb

-Exploring the property

-Hunting potato bugs

-Picking strawberries

-Ordering more books from the library

-Making popsicles(lots and lots)

-Taking pictures of the kids imaginative adventures(old west and being royalty)

-Watching baby learn to "crawl" and eat his first foods

-Finding ways to make baby giggle because we all love to hear it!

-Telling the 2 with chicken pox to stop scratching, for the 100th time!

-Working on Caleb's reading skills

-Reassembling Lego Mini Figures

-Endless piles of laundry:).


-Learning about which plants and flowers are edible

-Watching wildlife:Birds, dragonfly, rabbits, an owl, pronghorn, etc...

-Phone calls with adults to make contact with the outside world:).

-Dishes(lots and lots)

-Enjoying the pleasure of eating cookies that Elyssia has made all by herself!

-Rejoicing with new parents over the birth of their children(Love seeing their pictures on facebook:).

-Weeding(lots and lots)

-Sleeping(a little).

-Enrolling the kids in the library summer reading program

I think that about catches things up to the present.

Scott finished a major project today and I think there were more than 2 audible sighs of relief:). Thankfully he gets to enjoy some time off before the next job starts. He has lots of things he wants to do around the property and hopefully his allergies won't make accomplishing those too difficult.

The goats have been moved and are proving to be wonderful weed eaters. Scott is going behind them and planting grass seed for future animal enjoyment. It was a rough couple weeks, what with Skye(our dog) being run over and trying out another dog, that ended up not being so good around little chicks. The Lord helped us through though and we pray that the next couple months offer many opportunities to reach out and help others instead of being in a somewhat overwhelming busy state ourselves. The chicken pox seem to be contained to the original two children, but we're still watching to see if any of the others break out.

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