Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two weeks?

They've been quite wonderful:). Yes, there have been some crazy moments, but for the most part everyone has been keeping busy and enjoying the new little guy. We didn't really have to go anywhere this past week and it was nice to get into a routine. The older kids have mostly taken over dishes and other chores around the house. Caleb asked when his Bathroom "Privilege" was:). He was talking about his turn to clean the bathroom! He said that he's excited to have his turn. Garrison volunteered to help Addie when it was her day. I have to say I'm impressed with their enthusiasm and hope it lasts:).

Today I thought I'd check on ticket prices. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were $200 less than I was thinking they'd be. My mom said that she'd take care of Elyssia's and we had half the price saved up for mine. It's been 3 years and 2 children since our epic drive to Georgia as a family. I'm not excited about leaving Scott and the other kids, but it will be nice to see the family again and have them meet Samuel.

The kids have been busy singing and practicing their harmonicas. The boys like to play while hanging upside down from their homemade monkey bars in their room(pictures later:).

I also got to make cookies with Kiersten and Caleb this week. It was a substitution for a tea party that Kiersten requested. We were out of tea and not planning to buy more til Monday. They were quite pleased to eat the cookies instead!

I'll have to post more pictures of Samuel when I have more time.

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