Thursday, September 15, 2011


Elyssia is going to be requesting at least one of her front teeth for Christmas:). Scott pulled it out this morning and the one next to it is starting to wiggle. Today's tooth was number 4 and she's very excited about the large space to move her tongue through.

Along the same lines of the title I can write something about 2 of our 3 cats. We've only seen Taffy lately and think that coyotes might have gotten the other two. They were becoming quite the troublemakers and I think they just took to wandering a bit at night. I have to admit that we weren't super attached to those two, but wouldn't wish them to be devoured by the coyotes. We bought the cats to catch mice, but Sam, the dog, ended up catching the most! So, I'm not sure if we'll try to get more cats next Spring. I think we'll see how things go this winter. If we have a lot more mice coming in, then we'll definitely be thinking about it.

I also FOUND quite a few tools while cleaning Scott's shop that I think he forgot he had. Amazing what can be found under piles of sawdust. I think he could probably take at least a truckload of stuff to the dump, but that will probably end up happening in the Spring. For now, we were able to clear a large floor space and hopefully that will be helpful if he needs to do some of his work in there this winter.

Last, but not least, Sarah's baby is Mattaya May Smith. I think that mother and baby are doing well. Unfortunately, her dad was in a motorcycle accident yesterday and broke his collarbone. Last we heard they were doing more tests to see if there was any internal injuries. Please pray for a quick recovery. I'm sure that he's anxious to see his newest granddaughter.

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